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Steven Universe: The Question Review

  Part three of the Steven Bomb is here and this time, shit gets awesomely gay. Steven catches up with Ruby and she’s actually appearing to be happy. She realizes that she never really knew what she truly wanted since she was always wrapped up in Sapphire. Now living as her own person, she discovers what she really likes and maybe even who she really loves.
  Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship has been up for interpretation even since it became known that Garnet is a result of a constant fusion. Some said they’re just friends, others with common sense knew they had to be more than friends. Now we’ll got a whole new look on their relationship since they are now engaged.
  I can already hear the sound; The sound of the angry straights, the closeted church queens, and the faux-woke closet bottoms typing away on social media and making YouTube videos on how whites in the media are trying to brainwash kids. Oh, to be alive.
  Steven Universe has been pushing the envelope for quite some time in the LGBTQ department and I’m here for all of it. Although at this point the show is feeling aimed at teenagers/adults with its larger themes as of late, Steven Universe is giving LGBTQ viewers something I didn’t have much of as I was growing up; representation. Ruby and Sapphire certainly aren’t perfect and even though they got back together in the end, Ruby was right in feeling that she had to come to her decision herself. One of the best parts of this episode addresses people in relationships who feel they lost their own identity or maybe never really had the chance to figure it out prior to their relationship.
  It was beautiful to see Ruby reach the conclusion that her feelings for Sapphire are true because it was looking a little grim for the appearance of Garnet again . Even with the colossal mess Pink Diamond made, Ruby discovered the love of herself and more.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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