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Steven Universe: What’s Your Problem Review

  Round two of the Steven Bomb has arrived and this time we spend time with one of my favorite characters; Amethyst. After the (tragic) defusion of Garnet, Sapphire went one way and apparently, Ruby went another. As Pearl and Sapphire sit in a heap of tears, Steven and Amethyst try to find her. As usual for Amethyst, she’s up to her brand of comedy until they take a pizza break. Taking the time to address the foul odored trash bag in the room, she eventually asks Steven a simple question; “So…how ya feelin’?”
  This arc has given characters outside of Rose’s trash ass a great opportunity for character development and this episode is exactly that for Amethyst. Typically self-centered, she decides to put her emotions aside in attempt to not only cheer up Steven but to also make him address his feelings about his mother. Amethyst even shades the rest of the cast by essentially saying that she will not be another person dumping their shit on Steven, but will instead take care of him and listen to him. This friendship move is so important for the show and the real world outside of Steven Universe.
  It has become a trend on social media to “check on your friend”. Although to me most people participating in this trend have no genuine meaning behind it, this trend came out of the constantly rising rates of suicide in 2018. Doing something as small as talking to your friend and giving them the opportunity to open up to you can be an awesome thing if done out of true concern and not a dry text message. Amethyst does her version of this trend and although I highly doubt Steven feels suicidal, I bet he is certainly overwhelmed with issues ranging from the decisions of his mother to the potential troubles ahead for The Crystal Gems.
  Amethyst is so right about many things this episode, but most importantly that Steven is special. He needs to be protected…and heard.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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