Darling In The FRANXX Episodes 13- 20 Review

 The show was already balancing sci-fi and romance but now Darling in the FRANXX is throwing in quite a bit more in this heavy batch of episodes.
Zero-two’s origins are somewhat explained as it is revealed that she is a beast princess. She met Hiro when they were much younger, she fell in love him, and desired to become human to be with him. Their memories of spending time together as kids were erased and they were separated until later in life. Squad 13 faces their most powerful foes yet and the battle changes them forever; they all decide to become friends…and abandoned by adults.
  The drastic change in the actions of Squad 13 and their treatment of Zero-Two seems like a good dynamic even though the cast feels as though they were left for dead. They make the best of what’s given to them until the arrival of The 9’s and Kokoro desires to have sex to make a child. This act is illegal, giving The Nines the chance to accurately report the status of Squad 13 earlier than projected and afterwards, the Squad leaves their home.

  Having their memories of their marriage erased, Kokoro and Misturu rejoin Squad 13. Heartbroken by the memory measures doesn’t last long as the truth behind parasites and the FRANXX are revealed, a Klaxosaur Princess shows up to kidnap Hiro and claims him as one of their kind, Zero-Two may be some sort of clone of the Klaxosaur Princess, and Kokoro might be pregnant.
  What…The hell is going on here?!
I love anime that makes you think one thing only to have learn something entirely different AND THEN WHEN YOU THINK YOU KNOW THAT, turns out you don’t know shit about some completely new element. In that regard, the show is great for someone who loves twists and turns like I do.
  However, this feels like it’s going so fast now and perhaps Trigger should have spent more time with hints rather than pushing us up a hill and once we reach the top, kicking us down. I greatly appreciate the inclusion of sexuality in contribution to the growth of adolescence. It’s perfectly normal to desire sex and moreover desire to know how humans are made in general, but in their universe it seems they weren’t supposed to know of that at all. This becomes even more interesting considering the halt of childbirth due to a lack of reproduction abilities due to humans becoming immortal from magma energy.
I realize that I may be alone in feeling overwhelmed with all this information considering I am watching this show after the vast majority of the season has already premiered. Perhaps if I watched this title weekly, I’d have a better grasp on all the different story lines but I still wonder how the hell this will all tie together logically if the episode count is 24. I already think there needs to be a third season or maybe a movie to make sure every story line is tightly wrapped at the end.
  There’s so much going on in the later half of Darling In The Franxx and if this is heading to the end, I’m eager to see how this story ends.
  Hopefully Misturu gets his hair back though cuz honestly he went from looking cute to looking like shit. THAT is the real tragedy of this show.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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