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Steven Universe: Now We’re Only Falling Apart Review

 Steven Universe threw the vast majority of their fans off once it was revealed that Pink Diamond was actually Rose Quartz aka Steven’s mother. With this information, a lot of things make sense but also made Rose look like one of the worst people in cartoon history. A new Steven bomb has begun and the first episode released is titled, “Now We’re Only Falling Apart”.
  After Steven finds out another way his mother ain’t shit, she tells the rest of the crew what he learned. This discovery makes Pearl willing to talk about their past together but Ruby and Sapphire, (Garnet), may not be so willing to hear.
  This episode should have been titled, Damage Control because that’s basically what this was. Many people were already side-eyeing the hell out of Rose Quartz to begin with after what she has done to Pearl and now it’s like she fucked up more lives too. Logically it makes sense to try to smooth the rough edges off of Lady Voldemort but it seems as though they’re placing the blame on the people who made her enjoy Earth.
  To me, it’s like giving a child a toy and blaming the toy because the child broke it. In this case, the toy would mainly be Pearl but also many lives of others Rose deceived. The new Steven Bomb is off to an interesting start to say the least and opens the door to plenty discussions including more comparisons to Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Rating: 9 out of 10


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