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Smokin’ Parade Vol. 2 and 3 Review

  Smokin’ Parade impressed me so much with its graphic violence, action, and art style that I decided to keep going further. I even compared it as a replacement to my heartbreak from Tokyo Ghoul, one of my favorites that went to shit on its third season. Now that I’ve received the chance to dive deeper into this bloody world of Monsters versus Spiders, does it still hold up to the praise I gave its first volume?
  After receiving mechanical gear to replace the limbs his sister cut from his body, Youkou joins the Jackalopes – a group whose purpose is to defeat Spiders. Spiders are humans with organ transplants from a shadowy corporation named Amenotori and soon are turned into beings that desire to murder. Youkou learns there may be more to life than just his family rules as he gets to know his new teammates through missions that may put their lives at risk…and some of his new family may not be able to survive.
  Do I regret getting into this series? Not in the slightest. Do I regret comparing it to Tokyo Ghoul?…eh. Kinda.
  The next two volumes are full of the gore I have come to expect but still manages to catch me completely off guard. Enemies, (and even some of the cast), get hacked up in ways I have never thought possible to the point where an anime adaptation probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The gore in this is almost going further than Corpse Party especially after an implied gay sex murder scene that thankfully isn’t as graphic as the art of the murder pose implicates.
  In terms of the plot, Smokin’ Parade isn’t like Tokyo Ghoul but more so like Akame Ga Kill, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The conspiracies surrounding Amenotori feels like something start of The Empire of Akame Ga Kill. Unfortunately though, I don’t think enough time has been spent with Amenotori as needed to build a solid understanding the full point of their changing of humans into monsters. Chaos of this magnitude certainly deserves much better explanation. The writing also suffers from making Youkou the protagonist that reminds me of Angel of Death’s Rachel; A protagonist that seems to be saying a variation of the same thing over and over. Unlike Angel of Death, there’s tons of interesting characters so it’s almost forgivable when you get to the end of Volume 3 and learn something may be off about Youkou than he lets on.
  After reading Volume 2 and 3, I still very much enjoy Smokin Parade but it’s not packed with enough psychological punches to earn the Tokyo Ghoul comparison I made after reading Volume 1.

Rating: 9 out of 10
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