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Smokin’ Parade Could Be The Next Tokyo Ghoul

After the disappointing few episodes I watched of Tokyo Ghoul, I’ve been needing something to replace it. My love for gore, social commentary, and characters in fucked up situations experienced the kind of heartbreak that’s silent and lingering. Maybe that’s a bit over dramatic but the point is I needed something new. I’ve heard of Smokin’ Parade some time ago but never really gave it a shot because I thought it would be like Deadman Wonderland, (since this title is made by the folks behind aforementioned series), only to see that I was wrong.
  Youkou Kakujou spent most of his life caring for his disabled younger sister, a girl named Mirai who has no legs. He never complains and always goes to great lengths for her, which makes Mirai love him deeply. She appreciates him even more after she gets a transplant that allows her to walk to do for herself now. Youkou’s birthday has arrived so Mirai cooks for him with her friends even though she’s a terrible cook. Everything seems to be going great, so why does Youkou come home to the dismembered bodies of Mirai’s friends and Mirai holding a knife? And who are the people coming to his rescue when Mirai changes form?
  When there’s plastic covering up the manga, you should already know to expect some crazy stuff. And I did, I really did but I  certainly didn’t expect to see gore that exceeds the levels of the Deadman Wonderland and Tokyo Ghoul anime. Blood, guts, headless characters come in large supply in the first volume of this series which honestly couldn’t have came to me at a better time.
  Although it’s borderline mindless gore for the first few chapters of this volume, the last two chapters hits on the true plot of Smokin’ Parade; Amenotori is an organ supplier that creates monsters they call Spiders so the Jackalopes are a team of monsters in their own right that is set on defeating them, but why is Amenotori doing this? And who exactly are these Jackalopes?
  If this energy is kept going forward, I can see this becoming one of my new favorite titles and I could see imagine an Adult Swim/Toonami anime adaptation. I look forward to learning more about Youkou and the Jackalopes in future volumes with as much blood, guts, and social commentary as possible.

Rating: 10 out of 10
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