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Edens Zero Chapter One Review

  Months after the final, (and in my opinion disappointing), “ending” of the Fairy Tail manga, Hiro Mashima has returned with a new series. Simultaneously publishing on Crunchyroll’s Manga service the U.S. worldwide, (except Japan), Edens Zero has arrived.
  A young girl named Rebecca visits Granbell Kingdom with her cat, Happy, (Yes, that Happy). Aiming to reach 1 million subscribers on Aoneko, (Blue Cat), Channel from recording her visit, Rebecca meets many kind bots in the kingdom. She takes on a quest and soon she meets Shiki, another human in the kingdom. Although he’s weird and doesn’t have great social skills, Rebecca finds herself enjoying the company of the bots and Shiki as she eats and drinks herself to tiredness. So when she and Happy awaken tied up to posts, Rebecca may have stumbled upon an uprising.
  Immediately, the characters look like they came straight out of Fairy Tail, (Happy is straight out of Fairy Tail); Rebecca looks like Lucy, Shiki looks like Natsu, and other characters displayed in the color page look like others from the cast. I would not be surprised if  it turns out these are the children of those characters or even if these are the characters of Fairy Tail in an alternate universe. The artwork is appealing just as we’ve come to expect from Hiro Mashima but what of this new story?
  The first chapter feels Westworld, Fairy Tail, and Kingdom Hearts collide. Not saying Disney characters show up in this with Keyblades, but the Gummi Ship came to mind towards the end of this chapter as the world is explained. Furthermore, Mashima’s way to make several twists occur in a short matter of time is still displayed in the first chapter and strong. Shiki already has the background shrouded in mystery as he was a human raised by a Demon King and bots which are the right ingredients to make another Natsu Dragneel.
  Edens Zero balances themes of friendship and metaphysical abilities show up in this series and though they look like his former work, there’s no direct tie to Fairy Tail given to us as of yet except for Happy the Cat. Edens Zero is well worth following and I already anticipate the newest chapter in Rebecca and Shiki’s adventure.

Rating: 10 out of 10
Photo: Crunchyroll Manga



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