Violet Evergarden (Series Review)

Pierre Brown reviews Netflix's anime series, Violet Evergarden, a romantic drama sure to tug t the heart.

Very late in 2017, I became aware of Violet Evergraden becoming a Netflix anime series. Back then I didn’t know I’d be waiting up to a year to see it in the U.S. like I did with Little Witch Academia and Kakegurui. In April 2018, the 13 episode long series Violet Evergarden finally hit Netflix and though it lacks what I traditionally desire in anime, I binged watched the shit out of it.
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  The series revolves around a protagonist of the same name who survives a gruesome, unforgiving war but was known as a war tool. Her strength, speed, and lack of hesitation gave her that title however one man saw that maybe she was much more than an opponent to be feared. Unfortunately for Violet, (who also is an orphan that grew up without much grasp on human emotions), this man may no longer be alive. Her desire to learn what he meant by his last words of “I love you” leads her to eventually become an Auto Memory Doll. An Auto Memory Doll is a person, (mainly women in this series), that types and delivers letters for clients. The doll must possess an accuracy in conveying a client’s emotions on paper even if very little words are said verbally.
  Two words for you: Character Development. Violet’s growth from being nearly stoic in the beginning to beginning to understand her own humanity is something most anime either rushes to get through or completely disregard until the final episode. Small moments of Violet’s true desires and personality slowly but surely turn into moments of her displaying the complete opposite of her origin story.

image1   The writing of the series does an excellent job of not only showing her growth as an Auto Memory Doll, but also reflects Violet’s bloody past as a soldier. This makes the character development all the more striking as there’s clearly a vast difference between her past and her present. The writing also aims to hit the emotions of the audience as she takes on different clients with issues ranging in different forms of love; unrequited, family, and romantic which increases the potential relatability to the personal lives of its viewers.
  If you’re expecting some fucked up shit like I normally enjoy writing about and viewing, Violet Evergarden most likely won’t be for you. It’s got some action but isn’t gory and the show is definitely is steered more in the drama/romance direction. Surprisingly this wasn’t a big issue for me as I kept watching since Violet Evergarden gave me the break from gory, fucked up shit I didn’t know I needed. If you’re emotionally prepared to get in your feels but Your Lie In April is a bit too aggressive on your emotional radar, Violet Evergarden will be the perfect fit.

 Violet Evergarden is now streaming on Netflix in multiple languages including English.


Rating: 9 out of 10


Pierre Brown

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