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The New Season Of Tokyo Ghoul Is Disappointing

Pierre Brown dives into the third season of Tokyo Ghoul, which actually may not feel like the show he loved.

  Tokyo Ghoul was one of my favorite anime series. Both seasons pieced together a horror story full of blood and gore that had strong messages of social commentary. Last year, a new season of the series was announced for 2018 with visuals including characters I was not familiar but I my faith in this series knew of the potential to have a few tricks up its sleeves. At long last I had a chance to check out the first few episodes of the newest season, only to feel like I wasn’t watching Tokyo Ghoul at all.
  Tokyo Ghoul: re takes place in the same social climate as the previous two seasons but instead stars Haise Sasaki, a Ghoul Investigator under the Quinx division. The Quinx look like humans but have eerily Ghoul-like powers when tapped into. Haise navigates through his job without much of a hitch until he sees a familiar face, which prompts him to further question his existence.
image1 (2)

  This may be the most disappointing follow-up I’ve ever seen. The early seasons move like a dark, sinister horror story while this feels like Black Butler, (an anime series the combines comedy, drama, horror, and fantasy). In fact the new art for the anime seems Black Butler inspired as well, which could be great for newcomers. For me, it feels like I’m just waiting for a good part to happen.
  Thus far the only good things in these first few episodes is the revelation that Haise Sasaki is actually Ken Kaneki with no almost recollection of his life prior to his time as a Ghoul Investigator. Other notable moments lies in Episode 3 when he runs into Touka, his former partner and crush and the end of Episode 4 has the possibility of things getting a little darker.
 Although I’m supremely disappointed as a fan, I can’t deny the new season has a sense of charm. Or perhaps the problem lies within the possibility that there’s a distinctive difference between the anime series and the manga series. I’ll definitely keep tuning into the series in the hopes things will pick up and move back into its darker tone. If it doesn’t, at least I’ll get a new season of Black Butler out of it.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Pierre Brown

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