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Hungry For You Vol. 1 Review

  In this beautifully drawn first volume of a Yuri manga series titled Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks The Night, readers are introduced to Endo Yasuko. Endo is a vampire in an all-girls academy struggling to contain her thirst for blood and Makioka is a regular student who witnesses Endo drinking the blood of another student. Acting as though she saw nothing doesn’t work at well when Endo sucks her blood…and asks Makioka to be her emergency rations.
  I fully expected this to be full of typical Yuri fan-service and erotic overtones but instead I walked into a comedy I hope gets an anime adaptation. Makioka and Endo’s adventures start off at bloodsucking but later involve Endo’s odd lifestyle that includes only needing to pack panties and a American vampire huntress who has no grasp on the Japanese language. Even though the vast majority of the story, the series has a subplot involving 3 missing students from the academy on a case that may be tied to Endo Yasuko herself.
  Gorgeously crafted, well written, and hilarious Hungry For You Vol. 1 introduces readers to a new kind of vampire tale and gives a hell of a cliffhanger ending that readers will certainly long to sink their teeth into the next volume.

Rating: 10 out of 10


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