Another Kingdom Hearts Delay?

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in production for years upon years, (but folks act like it was only in production 5 years ago) and I’ve been waiting for far too long. I would like to say I know where the plot is going to head but who really does? All I know is that after playing and completing every KH console game that exists, (with the exception of Chain of Memories because eww), the anticipation for a full-length followup to KH 2 has been strong.
  Granted, I was a silly child when the series first came out so I didn’t even beat the first two games until they came out on PS3 but the point is I’m a fucking devoted fan. They sucked me in with the Tangled world preview years ago. They hinted and eventually showed Toy Story gameplay some time ago. But they fucking had me at the Ariel summon.
  At the core of my being, I’m honestly a Disney Princess and I have very little shame in admitting such. Disney’s The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite movies of all time, (even though when watching it as an adult I had serious concerns about what this movie tells young girls and even older women about not only love but the jealousy and envy of youth and sexuality), so the Ariel summon made me crave the game. Then in May, video game companies get their hands on the game and even show Monsters Inc. gameplay and a boss battle. To me, this game looked done and they KEPT saying 2018 was the year. Clearly this was not the case, for we received another delay to 2019.
  I’m aware that it’s only a month away from the December projected month.
  I’m aware that I don’t know shit about creating a game much less having any influence on a video game’s story or otherwise.
  I’m also aware that whatever the story will be in KH3 will most likely give me a headache considering there’s so much shit going on aside from the Disney content.
But I am still pissed. How in the hell do we have several different editions for Final Fantasy 15 but keep getting delays on this? How will there be 3 different Tomb Raider games before a KH follow up? How Kratos manage to rise from the dead and get a reboot before I saw the light of a Kingdom Hearts sequel, (Square Enix has nothing to do with Kratos but still though)?!
  I mean I’m still most likely gonna buy it whenever it comes out because I don’t believe January 29th, 2019 is the official date either. I already said I was done with KH after the previous two delays but I know now that’s a lie. I’m still looking forward to playing the RPG even if Donald will probably still let me die before he decides to cast Cure/Curaga simply because of the Ariel summon alone.
  Get it together Kingdom Hearts team.
Oh wait…

Wait… Are you telling me? Y’all got my girl Elsa in this?!!

I see.
Kingdom Hearts is coming January 29th, 2019. Let’s hope this date sticks. This game is going to be fucking massive.

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